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2013-05-13 17:14:46
Easy Copy v2.0.1
Copy page details (such as its title, URL, HTML source, etc.) with one click so you can paste it anywhere else, eg. emails and documents. Copy details of a single page or all open tabs. Similar to Copy URL Plus and Make Link, but with added features (eg. copy all tabs, assign keyboard shortcuts and moving to main menu) and a lot more variables (eg. html_source and more).
* Copy a site's details such as its title or URL to the clipboard with one click, ready to paste in any other application.
* Contains pre-built templates for common purposes, including copying the title as a link, Wiki-format links, BBCode links and more.
* Copy details across all tabs in the active window or all windows, with the ability to customise how templates appear.
* Copy HTML source for the whole document or just the selection.
* Choose to put templates you frequently use in the main context menu so they're one click away.
* Assign keyboard shortcuts to frequently used templates so they're one key away (Note: requires Keyconfig to manage shortcuts).
* Create new templates with lots of variables to choose from.
* Reorder templates so you choose where they appear in menus.
* Disable or permanently delete templates you're not interested in to remove clutter.
* Format page titles to strip unnecessary text, eg. strip "- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" from the end of Wikipedia articles.
Latest News
  • Easy Copy v2.0.1 is available:
    * Fixed an issue where templates created in some languages (eg. Japanese and Chinese) weren't working. You should now be able to create your own templates in any language.
  • Easy Copy v2.0.0 is available with new Copy All Tabs features:
    * Copy details across all tabs in the active window or all open windows. You can use any template that's normally available from the Easy Copy menu.
    * Customise how templates appear when copying all tabs. See the Copy All Tabs Options for details.

Download from Mozilla Add-ons
Easy Copy Home and Documentation
More ideas for templates - Please let me know which templates you find most useful and any handy ones you've created yourself.