How will "commentto" help me and benefit me?
You surf the web everyday, and you find stuff online you want to save quickly and easily. "commentto" will help you do exactly that! Also, wouldn't it be really cool if you could select anything on a page, and comment-to that directly? That's what commentto is for.
Whether it's links to blogs, news articles, educational articles, music lyrics, code snippets, or anything else, commentto will help you save that information quickly and easily.
Do I have to provide my real name?
Yes, because that way your friends can find you easily.
How do I create an excerpt?
First you signup for commentto here.
And install the commentto bookmarklet, available from the main page.
Now, whenever you find something you want to save, just select that on the webpage, and click the "commentto" bookmarklet button. Click "Save" in the commentto popup, and that information is saved to your commentto excerpts page. And you can access this information from anywhere.
The popup will look like what is in the following picture (click for bigger picture).
How can I delete an excerpt?
To the right of each excerpt, there's a little button that is almost hidden from the normal view. Move your mouse over it, and the "Delete" button will show up. Click the "Delete" button to delete that excerpt.
How can I share an excerpt on Facebook and Twitter?
To the right of each excerpt, there's another little button that is almost hidden from the normal view. Move your mouse over it, and two icons will show up. Icon on the left allows you to "Share on Facebook", and icon on the right allows you to "Share on Twitter".
How do I see folders?
Click the "Folders" button to see the folders (as shown below).
How do I create/rename/delete folders?
The main (root) folder has one option: "Create folder". All other folders have three options: "Create folder", "Rename folder", and "Delete folder" as shown in the image (top-right).
How do I organize my excerpts?
It's very easy! Just grab the excerpt by the handle (three little dots) located on the top-left of the excerpt. Drag it to correct folder, and drop it.
How do I organize folders?
Grab the folder itself on the left pane, drag it to correct folder, and drop it.
What is shown on the notifications page and what type of notifications do I get?
When someone makes a comment on your excerpt or replies to your comment, you will get a notification. You will also get notifications when someone subscribes to you.
What is an unverified account?
To keep the signup process easy, commentto allows people to signup and use commentto right away. When you signup, a verification email is sent to the email address you used to signup for commentto. Your account will become verified only after you click/follow the link provided in that email.
A person with unverified account has made me a subscriber, what should I do? (Important aboutHeaderTitle for your safety.)
What action you should take is completely up to you. commentto, however, highly advises you to NOT take any action just yet. Let the person, who has made you a subscriber, first verify his/her account. commentto also highly advises you to NOT make that unverified account user your subscriber just yet. Again, let that person first verify the account.
What happens when I subscribe to someone?
You will start seeing their public updates on your "activity" page.
How can I make subscribe to someone?
When you go to a person's "excerpts" page, you can subscribe to that person's public updates by clicking the "Subscribe" button.
How can I unsubscribe from someone's updates?
You can go to that person's "excerpts" page, and click "Unsubscribe" to remove yourself from getting their updates. You can also do the same from your "subscriptions" page.
How can I invite my friends to join commentto?
  1. Go to the "subscriptions" page, and click the "Find/invite frineds" button. Right now, you find/invite friends using your gmail account only.
  2. Click on "Invite friends using my Gmail account" button. You will be redirected to Gmail, where you can enter your Gmail account's email and password.
  3. Gmail, then, will ask you if you want to "Grant" or "Deny" access of your contacts to commentto. To invite your friends, please "Grant" access to commentto. You will then automatically come back to the invite page.
  4. People, from your contacts, that are already on commentto will be shown with a "Subscribe" button.
  5. Select people to invite that are not on commentto.
  6. Click the "Invite selected people" to send invitation to those that you have selected.
I already have lots of bookmarks, how can I import them into commentto?
Go to the "account" page, and click "Import bookmarks". Make sure you already have a ".html" file exported from the browser in which your bookmarks are stored. Once you're on the import page, just select the privacy settings you want to apply, and choose the file to import.
The following languages have been tested to work on commentto (many more will work):
Again, many others will also work.
Something didn't work, what should I do?
  1. Try refreshing the page (press F5 or clear your browser's cache and then press F5).
  2. Provide feedback as to what didn't work. Make sure to tell commentto how to reproduce the issue, and on which webpage the issue occurred.
I'm the original copyright holder of work that was uploaded to commentto, can I remove it?
Some things to keep in mind before we proceed:
  1. commentto always links back to the original source, and this way it gives credit to the source.
  2. commentto helps your business grow as well by freely (without any cost to you or users) bringing out your content to the outside world to see. This way, commentto directly helps you.
Now, if you still feel your content should be removed from commentto, we'll remove it.
To do that, you must first signup, and then use this feedback form to report the issue.
You must be the owner of the copyrighted work, and you will have to provide 3 things:
  1. Your website URL that is being violated. (For example,
  2. Your email address on that domain name.
  3. The URL of the excerpt that you are reporting. (For example,
We'll contact you, and work from there, and we'll do our best to remove content as quickly as possible.