Mar 15, 2012.
Facebook login, and Facebook and Twitter apps for commentto now live!
Facebook login is awesome, just one click, and you're set to use commentto. No need to signup.
Mar 9, 2012.
You can now save pictures from around the web by using the new feature - commentto image sniffer.
It's super easy! In the commentto popup, select the pictures you want, and click "Save". They will be beautifully organized for that excerpt.
A few screenshots:

Check it out!
Mar 6, 2012.
You can now view public activity from the "activity" page as well, along with your "Subscription" activity. You can choose which activity feed to view by clicking on appropriate button given on the "activity" page.
This is an important update, because if you want to comment-to someone's public excerpt, you can do it easily after logging in.

Check it out!
Feb 27, 2012.
Couple updates:
Privacy of "Only subscribers" has been removed. There's still privacy of "Only Me" if you want to save something only for yourself.
Also, you can now quickly subscribe to people that you like. There's a "Subscribe" button for each person's excerpts page. When you click that button, you'll start seeing their public updates on the "activity" page.

It's super easy, try it out!
Feb 21, 2012.
Today is a big day for commentto!

Super excited to announce today: the "commentto" bookmarklet, available for all browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer!

Visit commentto, and just and drag-and-drop the bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar, and it's ready to use it.
As you're surfing the web, and want to comment-to something, or want to save information, just select it, and click the "commentto" button on your bookmarks bar, and "Save" it!

Check it out!
Feb 16, 2012.

There was an issue with importing bookmarks. That issue should be fixed now.
Feb 8, 2012.

I'm super excited to let everyone know that commentto has been covered by Mashable.
You can read about it here.
Thank you Mashable!

As for new things at commentto - there are some really awesome things coming up at commentto! :)

Thanks for using commentto,
Feb 5, 2012.

Excited to let you know that "Folders" feature has been updated!
Folder will now always be on the left-hand-side of your excerpts, so you can easily navigate around.
To categorize excerpts into appropriate folders, just drag the excerpt by the handle (three dots located on the top-left of the excerpt) and drop the excerpt into an appropriate folder.
Check it out!

Jan 30, 2012.
Hey everyone,

Quick update at what's going to happen next at commentto.
I'm just going to say it straight: Using folders seems counter-intuitive. The whole drag-drop folders and excerpts is great, but it's somewhat difficult to use.
Starting today, that feature will be worked on and made easier to use (so that it's intuitive).

Jan 29, 2012.

commentto now does not require login or signup to view excerpts with privacy set to "Public".
And by the way, check out this comic:
mother of god meme

Jan 22, 2012.
Hey everyone,

commentto vanity URL restriction is now in place now. I know, but it is needed to prevent name squatting.
It's a pretty small restriction: You just need to have at least 30 excerpts over a 10 day period to have a commentto username. That's all.

Jan 19, 2012.
Hey everyone,

commentto usernames (vanity URLs) are now live. You can have your own username at:
Mine, Kandarp's, for example is at:
To get it, just go to the "account" page, and click the "Change" button for commentto username. Provide a new username, and you're done.
This is really nice, because now you can have a "commentto excerpts" link that you can easily share with your friends outside of commentto.

There's no restriction on who can have a username, but only until Sunday, January 22, 2012 8 p.m. PST.
To prevent name squatting, restrictions will be put on who can have a username after the said time.
Restrictions will be that you will need to have at least 30 excerpts over a 10 day period to have a commentto username.

Jan 17, 2012.
Hey everyone,
commentto has just updated the "Subscribers" part of the website to make things easy for you.

It is now much easier than before to know who you have made subscribers, and who has made you a subscriber.

Now when you go to the "subscribers" page, there are defined sections for:
"Mutual subscribers": You both have allowed each other to look at each others' updates.
"Subscribers only": Only you have made them your subscribers, and allowed them to look at your updates.
"Subscriptions only": Only they have made you a subscriber, and allowed you to look at his/her updates.

You might ask, "Why not just have add as friends or let me directly subscribe to someone?"
Well, "friends" model is very overused, and commentto is a content sharing network where "subscribers" and "subscriptions" models make more sense.
Also, by having you, the user, make someone a subscriber, commentto gives you control over who can see your data. So, for example, if I don't want a stranger to look at my excerpts, then I don't make him/her my subscriber.
Another important reason is because the features that are coming to commentto will be related to the "subscribers" model in a robust way, so that it is even easier for you to share excerpts.

Again, all of your relations on commentto are kept as they are. Only how your relations are presented has been made easier.
Try it out!
Jan 13, 2012.
Hey everyone,
commentto now has a much faster, better, and a comprehensive search.

Before searching for something that took about 4 seconds, now, on average, takes about 0.5 seconds or less.

The quick-search UI has been improved in an incredible way, so that results for excerpts and bookmarks show up on the left-side, and people show up on the right-side, so it is much easier to find what you are looking for. The detailed-search has also been improved.
Also, search now includes bookmarks, and many other aspects of excerpts, making it a complete search.

As if this much wasn't enough, new search now fully spans commentto. Meaning, you can now search for excerpts that have privacy set to public. So, it is easier for you to find content and connect with people that share your interests.

Check it out!
Jan 9, 2012.
Hey everyone,
commentto now has Facebook and Twitter integration.

To the right of each excerpt are a couple of almost hidden buttons. One of the buttons has "Share to Facebook", and "Share to Twitter".
You can share any of your excerpts, but your subscribers can also share your excerpts if the privacy of your excerpts is set to non-private.

Try it out!
Jan 1, 2012.
Hey everyone,
commentto has been rebranded and relaunched on Jan 1, 2012. Many changes have taken place to make commentto much better.
The site and the addons are all easier to use, faster, and look much better.

The following things have been improved on the commentto website:
  1. Signing up for commentto is much easier than before!
  2. Notifications are now displayed in a better fashion.
  3. The "activity" page, previously known as the "home" page, has been generally improved.
  4. The biggest change on the commentto website is the replacement of the "Friends" model with the "Subscribers" and "Subscriptions" model.
  5. commentto now allows you to subscribe to "folders". So, for example, if you're only interested in seeing excerpts from your friend about "Food" and not "Politics", then you only subscribe to the "Food" folder.
  6. The UI is much cleaner than before.

The following changes have been made to the commentto addons:
  1. Now you know exactly what will be highlighted before you save to commentto.
  2. Saving to commentto is much faster than before. For two 5-6 sentence paragraphs, it now takes about 2.3 seconds to load the submit screen, save the excerpt to commentto, and have the excerpt highlighted. Previously the same actions took about 4.1 seconds.
  3. Viewing comments is much faster than before.
  4. Adding/removing comments is easier.
  5. Bookmarking a page is easier.
Many changes have been made across the board in the background to make commentto better and easier for future updates as well.
Please refer to help page if there's any question, and if your question isn't listed, you can always contact commentto.