What is commentto?
commentto, pronounced "Comment To", lets you comment anywhere on the web, and save, bookmark, and share online information, quickly and easily.
How will "commentto" help me and benefit me?
You surf the web everyday, and you find stuff online you want to save quickly and easily. "commentto" will help you do exactly that! Also, wouldn't it be really cool if you could select anything on a page, and comment-to that directly? That's what commentto is for.
Whether it's links to blogs, news articles, educational articles, music lyrics, code snippets, or anything else, commentto will help you save that information quickly and easily.
Cool, how does it work?
Only two steps: signup and install the bookmarklet.
It takes less than a minute to signup, install the bookmarklet, and create your first excerpt!
It's super easy to use commentto. Whenever you find something you want to save, just select that on the webpage, and click the "commentto" bookmarklet button. Click "Save" in the commentto popup, and you're done!
Feel free to copy these screenshots for press purposes (click on them to get the original screenshots).
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commentto is founded and built in Las Vegas, Nevada by Kandarp Dave. (Dave is last name).
Kandarp Dave
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Important privacy message
Please keep in mind that commentto does NOT keep a record websites you visit. The only websites that commentto keeps a record of are the websites/excerpts you save using commentto.